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Connecting the ARM Industry with Vetted Experts

I Susan Richards, as a connector in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry, specialize in facilitating strategic partnerships and providing access to a vast network of vetted professionals. With an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and a keen eye for synergies, I excel at identifying the right resources and experts to drive exceptional outcomes for your business.

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Taking You to the Next Level

Operational Excellence and Consulting

With decades of experience in collections and debt buying, I offer unparalleled expertise in optimizing operations, enhancing compliance, and improving recovery rates. As an operational expert, I specialize in performance management, strategic planning, and implementing best practices to streamline processes and drive efficiency. By leveraging my consulting services, you can focus on your core business while I handle the complexities of your collection operations, ensuring exceptional results and maximizing your returns.

Referral Partering and Collaboration

My role as a referral partner goes beyond traditional brokering. I focus on building long-term, trust-based relationships that foster collaboration and mutual success. By truly understanding your unique needs and challenges, I connect you with the most suitable service providers and industry experts who can deliver tailored solutions. This collaborative approach not only benefits your organization but also strengthens the overall ARM industry by promoting high standards and shared growth.

Vetted Experts

In the ever-evolving ARM landscape, I serve as a trusted advisor for business development and revenue growth. My extensive industry knowledge and connections allow me to identify lucrative market opportunities and facilitate strategic partnerships that open doors to new revenue streams. Whether you seek to expand your service offerings, explore new markets, or leverage emerging technologies, I provide the guidance and resources necessary to accelerate your growth and stay ahead of the competition. Through my comprehensive suite of services, I empower ARM companies to navigate the industry's complexities, foster collaboration, and unlock their full potential for success.

Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Costs with BPO and State-Side Staffing Solutions

In today's competitive business landscape, maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing costs is crucial for success. CredTech partners with industry-leading providers to offer comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and State-Side Staffing solutions that empower companies to achieve these goals.

BPO Services: Streamline Operations and Reduce Overhead

Our BPO services enable businesses to streamline their operations by delegating non-core functions to our team of experts. By outsourcing tasks such as customer support, back-office operations, IT management, and HR administration, companies can reallocate valuable resources to their core competencies, enhancing focus and productivity.

Partnering with CredTech's BPO services offers numerous benefits, including reduced overhead costs, access to specialized expertise, and increased scalability. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring seamless integration and cost-effective operations.

State-Side Collection Staffing: Leverage Local Expertise and Cultural Alignment

In the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry, effective collections require a deep understanding of local cultures, regulations, and customer preferences. CredTech's State-Side Staffing services provide businesses with highly skilled, locally-based collection professionals who possess the cultural awareness and regional knowledge necessary for successful debt recovery.

Our state-side collection staffing solutions offer flexibility and scalability, with options for temporary staffing during peak seasons or permanent employees for long-term projects. Additionally, we offer a unique temporary-to-permanent staffing model, allowing companies to evaluate and potentially transition top-performing temporary collectors into permanent roles. This approach ensures a seamless integration of talent while minimizing recruitment and training costs.

By leveraging our state-side staffing solutions, companies can significantly reduce costs associated with recruiting, training, and managing an in-house collections team, while benefiting from improved customer interactions and increased recovery rates.

Comprehensive ARM Solutions for Maximum Revenue and Compliance

A Partner Committed to Your Success

Our ARM BPO services encompass the entire collections lifecycle, from early-stage collections to advanced recovery strategies. Our team of experienced professionals excels in navigating the complexities of debt collection and financial recovery, ensuring maximum revenue generation while maintaining positive customer relationships and strict compliance with industry regulations.

By partnering with CredTech, your company can benefit from reduced delinquency rates, enhanced cash flow, and improved compliance, all while minimizing operational costs and leveraging our expertise in the ARM industry.

At CredTech, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions that drive business growth. Our BPO and State-Side Staffing services are designed to provide a competitive edge by optimizing your workforce strategy, reducing operational costs, and improving overall productivity. With a commitment to your success and a focus on delivering exceptional value, we empower your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

State-of-the-Art Technology Solutions

Comprehensive Legal Support: Attorney Network and Bankruptcy Collections

Recognizing the importance of legal expertise in the ARM industry, CredTech has cultivated strategic partnerships with a nationwide network of attorneys and a dedicated bankruptcy collections partner. These alliances ensure that clients have access to top-tier legal support and specialized bankruptcy collection services.

Our attorney network comprises highly experienced legal professionals well-versed in the intricacies of debt collection laws and regulations. They provide invaluable guidance and representation, ensuring compliance and protecting clients' interests throughout the collection process.

Additionally, our bankruptcy collections partner offers specialized services tailored to navigate the complexities of collecting from debtors who have filed for bankruptcy protection. Their expertise in bankruptcy law and procedures enables clients to maximize recovery efforts while adhering to all applicable regulations.

In today's digital age, leveraging cutting-edge technology is essential for achieving operational excellence and delivering superior customer experiences. CredTech has partnered with industry-leading technology providers to offer state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

Our comprehensive debt management platform streamlines collections processes, automates workflows, and delivers real-time data analytics. This advanced technology empowers clients to enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive better outcomes.

Complementing our debt management platform, we offer innovative digital payment solutions tailored for the ARM industry. Our user-friendly payment portals and mobile applications enable debtors to conveniently manage and settle their obligations, improving customer satisfaction and collection rates.

By leveraging the expertise and cutting-edge solutions of our technology partners, CredTech ensures that clients stay ahead of the curve, optimizing their operations and delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Niche Expertise: Ancillary Product Collections

CredTech has partnered with a leading provider specializing in ancillary product collections, offering clients a unique and highly effective solution. Ancillary products, such as warranties, service contracts, and memberships, often require specialized collection strategies. Our partner's expertise lies in navigating the complexities of these niche products, leveraging tailored approaches to maximize recovery rates while maintaining positive customer relationships.


Through this partnership, CredTech clients gain access to specialized knowledge and proven methodologies, ensuring their ancillary product collections are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Our partner's deep understanding of the nuances involved in collecting on these types of products ensures a tailored approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction and optimal recovery outcomes.

AI-Driven Medical Billing from Provider to Insurance Companies

CredTech has partnered with a pioneering company that specializes in AI-driven medical billing solutions, streamlining the process from healthcare providers to insurance companies. As a leading provider of automated revenue recovery services, our partner has revolutionized the medical billing landscape through data-driven analytics and industry-changing technologies. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, they have developed a unique approach that enables healthcare providers to identify and submit claims that would otherwise go uncollected.

This innovative solution streamlines billing processes, driving smarter revenue recovery strategies tailored to the complexities of the healthcare industry. Through their cutting-edge platform, they empower healthcare professionals nationwide to maximize profits by optimizing their billing and collections processes. With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in medical billing, their automated systems ensure that no revenue opportunity is left unexplored, enabling healthcare organizations to capture every dollar owed to them while minimizing administrative burdens and costly inefficiencies.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, our partner's solutions automate the medical billing process, from claim submission to follow-up and collections. This AI-driven approach ensures accurate and timely claim processing, reducing errors and delays that can hinder revenue cycles. Additionally, their advanced analytics provide valuable insights into billing patterns, allowing healthcare providers to identify areas for improvement and implement data-driven strategies to enhance their revenue recovery efforts.


Susan Richards

With over 35 years of distinguished experience in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry, Susan Richards is a highly respected executive renowned for her strategic leadership and operational expertise. Her illustrious career has been marked by significant contributions at prominent organizations such as Allied Bond and Collection, where she laid the foundation for her industry knowledge.

For two decades, Susan served as a pivotal figure at NCB Management Services, where she assumed roles of increasing responsibility within finance and operations, ultimately ascending to the position of Chief Operating Officer. In this integral role, she demonstrated her exceptional abilities in optimizing processes, driving performance, and ensuring regulatory compliance, solidifying her reputation as an industry leader.

In 2024, Susan's expertise and insights were widely recognized when she was invited to share her perspectives on the ARM industry in interviews with CNBC and Fox News. These high-profile appearances further solidified her status as a thought leader and subject matter expert in the field.

Today, Susan leverages her extensive experience to partner with leading providers in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Collections, Debt Buying, and ARM sectors. As a fractional operator or business development expert, she offers her invaluable expertise to clients seeking to optimize their operations, enhance their compliance frameworks, and accelerate their growth strategies.

With a deep-rooted passion for the ARM industry, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to every engagement. Her mission is to forge exceptional partnerships and leverage her vast industry network to deliver tangible value to her clients. Adopting a customer-centric approach, she emphasizes performance management and stringent compliance, ensuring that her clients not only achieve their objectives but also maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Susan's commitment to being a dependable partner, combined with her unwavering dedication to being an invaluable extension of her clients' businesses, sets her apart as a trusted advisor and industry leader. By focusing on operational excellence and strategic business development, she empowers her clients to navigate the complexities of the ARM industry and unlock their full potential for success.


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